Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Here is where I am today on the Ties That Bind.

If you take a good look at the picture below, you will see that some of the velvets have texture. Also the block below the textured black block has a pocket that was part of the garment that I cut up. These are all part of the Ties That Bind.

I love learning something new. Today I learned about Xilogravura. It is a woodcut that tells a story. Here are some images.

Popular Brazilian Woodcut

The woodcut is a popular feature of the medieval residence of the Portuguese culture and transplanted to Brazil that developed in the literature for string . Almost all Brazilian popular woodcuts, especially in the Northeast, comes from the string. Among the most important gifts in the collection of the Gallery are Brasiliana Abraham Batista , Jose Costa Leite ,J. Borges , Francisco Amaro , José Lourenço and Gilvan Samico .

Chap Books

File: Literature cordel.jpg

This reminds me of The Flying Haystacks Hand Embroidery.

If we were to make an image that represented the Occupy Wall Street...what would that story look like symbolically? How would we tell that story? How would we record history so that our quilts would one day be un-earth time capsules?


  1. The quilt is looking wonderful.

    The lino-cut demo is really good - I enjoyed that a lot, thank you

  2. Beautiful delicious fabrics. Some day I will learn to make quilts. You are an inspiration!