Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today I was browsing a new blog and found this post. What I found inspiring about it was the "collection" of things was a kind of story. That it created a "place" and that this evoked a story like cloth. I could see using this "flow" as a way to let your story materialize into a cloth of symbols. Like Hansel, in Hansel and Gretel leaving bread crumb in order to find your way back. Or to "map" your story. Yes, that is it, it is a kind of map that you have developed as you write your story.

Last April I asked for some denim scraps to make a denim quilt with. I got a couple of boxes full that this woman said she had been storing in the attic. There was also a huge collection of ties. Some of these ties have made it into The Ties That Bind. But I have at least 50 more silk ties to use up in this life time. lol

So what a surprise to find this lovely gem one of the boxes. (I kinda got side tracked by the ties and "preparing" them for use, that I hadn't discovered this purse till last week while cleaning my studio.)
There is also a skirt that she made to go with the purse, but I haven't photographed it yet.

I can just see this woman as a young hippy chick from California.

The photo in the top picture is another picture of my nightstand. The little book in the background is a small copy of Emily Dickinson Poems that a friend gave me.

I can't stop looking at blogs, so before I finish this post here is a wonderful guild challenge Creation Stories or Myths. See how this quilter plans to interpret this. Again I am inspired by stories being "collected" into the cloth. Like a spider's web catches bugs.

I am still working on my Ties That Binds. I have rounded another corner and will take pictures and show you tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. I made Jean Ware in the 1970's: purses like this one, vests, hats, skirts, etc. Even sold some on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, CA...and yes I was a hippie then. ;-)) This past weekend a man identified me as "an old hippie"...I was proud the look was still there! ;-)))
    Can't wait to see your "ties that bind"...