Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photo Gallery

I want to share with you a pin that my friend Marie sent me.
I really like it! It has a lot of character and reminds me of a puppet, which I love.
It was also made by people that are making things to sell to support their family.
Thank you Marie!
I finished sewing all the velvet between the larger squares on The Ties That Bind quilt.
It seems that it is the small things that hold together and cement the whole.
Lots of times we have our eye on the big picture,
but it is the little pieces that eventually
give character and meaning to the big picture.
May we not lose sight of where we are going or where we have been.
I really like the different elements of design that were already in the cloth,
such as buttons or button holes, and even a pocket can be found on the quilt.
Our tie that binds us is a history in the making.
At the time it doesn't feel like much
but when you step back to see the results it is the fruit of your labor.


  1. I love your particular artwork. Quilts are a favorite.

  2. Hi Cosmic A. Gosh so much to look at here. One could easy get lost in time just travelling through the photographs. So much activity. Thanks.

  3. Stunning. So pleased that you finished it. Was definitely worth the effort. x

  4. I really like what you say about it being the small things that give meaning to the bigger picture - beautifully put.
    The quilt is a wondrous and glorious creation!

  5. Thank you for your comment. I am pleased you liked the Poppy. You have a nice cheerfully header, just whats need on a dark afternoon.