Friday, September 30, 2011

28th Day of Getting My Art On!

Sometimes I have to stop and clean. Yesterday was on of those days. So while I was cleaning I got out a piece of paper to record all the projects that I have started or that I have been saving materials for and plan to do some day.

One of these projects is this wool blanket for my son Isaac. This is made from Pendalton wool samples from 1965. I got the sample cards from a friend in Oregon. I made a darker quilt for my husband and I. Pictured here. I planned to make a scene at the top of the blanket with wool. This year our quilting guild has a challenge to make a dragon (2012 is the Chinese year of the dragon). I think I would like to illustrate King Author on the quilt with a dragon.

So my challenge is to work on The Ties That Bind till the end of October. I will also work on drawing the scene for the King Author quilt in October. Then for November and December I will work on the King Author quilt.

I got a plan and I am sticking to it!!

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  1. Yay you - am so looking forward to everything you are doing - great idea to have a plan - I might just follow suit!