Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 days of 30 to finish my Ties That Bind Quilt

Yesterday I worked on cleaning off my night stand. My nightstand is really a book case that I keep everything on. It is my desk, my craft corner, my library, and my inspiration.

Here is the back side of the block Want.
I have been busy sewing in velvet and plush fabrics around the edges of each square.
I had the corner block finished on Saturday.
I worked on the "Shame" block on Sunday and Monday.
I think I will definitely be through by the end of the month, if I stay consistent to the task
I have decided what I want to do with the back.
I don't want to make it too thick.
I am going to take some muslin
and write the story of Pearl's first adventure to the cave on the muslin.
Then I would carefully attach it to the back,
maybe with x or ties. A second pun to The Ties That Bind.

Which leads me to tell you that I am listening to a Journalism series called Stranger than Fiction. Before listening to this series, I thought journalist and writers were different from me.
I thought they didn't need to proof read or edit their own work because words just flowed out of them like water out of a facet. So not seeing myself as a writer I didn't bother worrying over the fact that my writing amateurish. I just accepted that. But after listening to this series and realizing that writers struggle to perfect their craft just like artist, I realize that I am only cheating myself not to go back and edit my story. So that is another thing that I am going to start working on, this month. I think there is a lot that I could learn and it would be ashame to waste the opportunity after all the effort that I have given this story over the last six months. Also I think it might help me solidify more of the character qualities of Pearl and Hack.
I have been reading a text book called Writers INC. It reminded me of all the benefits, that I wasn't aware of, in being in a writers group like TAG. Since I wouldn't have chosen this naturally I feel that it was given to me like an adventure that was given to Pearl...and that I need to learn from it and grow.


  1. The quilt is coming together in quite the most wonderful way - the velvet inbetweens are gorgeous - wish I could touch. As for what you intend doing with the back, that is inspired - what a great idea.
    I too have been giving a lot of thought to the writing development side of the TAG project - you are so right in what you have said - it has been a gift indeed.

  2. Loving your quilt, and the way you've decided to do the back is a fantastic idea. As for the writing, yes, loads of editing required, whatever level your writing is at, lol!!! One of the things I learned on my Creative Writing course was to read and re-read, to be critical and edit, edit, edit!!! As you say, TAG was a wonderful place to learn :)