Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Marionettes and puppets have always intrigued me.
I have turned dolls into stories when I was a child
by setting them in different poses and photographing them.
I am writing a story about a journey into the Imagi- Nation
with Cosmic Pearl. I am doing this with a group of artist.
Writing fiction is a very new art form for me.
One of the things that I have been doing is photo shopping Pearl into
my quilt, to tell the story.

When she was to go to the guild and meet the guild mistress I was trying to decide what the guild mistress would look like. I decided that this girl would be my guild mistress....but then I changed the story a bit and never did anything with it. My goal is to make a set of story cards, a deck that I would have at the end of the journey. So I was going to put "Pearl" into this picture (but really couldn't figure out how to compose it 'right'.

Well this weekend I found this marionette at a yard sale.
She will make a very powerful Guild Mistress.
I have the Tree of Transformation as my Guild...
and so she is going to be the Spirit of the Tree of Transformation.
Before I found the marionette on Monday,
I bought this book at a used book store on Saturday.
I have always been fascinated by marionettes since I was in the third
grade and my parents bought me one for my birthday.
I have really wanted to make a troupe of marionettes.
My dream is to see my son, Isaac, play with them.
He has a talent for acting but is very shy.
I want to make some sculpted faces in a kiln.
I think that he would be good at this doing this also.


  1. What a wonderful transformation and creation of art here. I love the found pieces/book/doll that bring it alive in your wonderful quilt pieces...amazing....yes, the deck and the dolls and stories involving your kids is all wonderful. You are ever so creative!!!

  2. A story deck-how cool is this? I may steal your idea to use with my teen group at the library.
    So creative!

  3. Wow! What synchronicity! I have always been drawn to puppets too. I love the idea of the Tree of LIfe and this puppet you have chosen as the Guild mistress sounds wonderful. I would love to hear more too about this race you and your family are in!

    ps-you should look up the links to Linda's blog that I list on my blog in my recent post about her puppet show. She also makes puppets, is a children
    s book writer and illustrator and an inspiration for me.