Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Boxes on the island (in Lord of the Flies)

In the Lord of the Flies it was meat that the boys wanted. Meat is higher up the food chain and requires more skill and killing. It became an obsession for a group of boys that were strong and physically able. Getting off the island seemed to not make them feel as powerful. They lost their humanity in the theater of getting meat and became beast themselves.

What I mean by comparing materialism with the meat in the Lord of the Flies is that at first these (Little Boxes) looks like a decent thing to strive for. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with "meat". But when we closely identify with the external we loose sight of what is taking place inside us. I have seen some people that wore a big man's hat and felt smug because they had Stars on theirs'.

How can we keep ourselves from becoming impersonal and at the same time strive for things?
It is a strange balance. Sometimes I think it is in the act of creating or having hobbies that cause us to be able to develop our inner landscape, so that the exterior doesn't become so significant.

Also practicing Random Acts of Kindness gets our focus off of me, me, me, and onto the world at large. But we need a reservoir and for me that is the act of creating art.

The shark -a- ma-sheen and E are made from silk ties. This block is part of a 'compass'. This is the current work that I am working on called The Ties That Bind Us.

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