Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today I got a wonderful gift from my friend Ancient Cloth.
I love this apron and will be wearing it when I want the creative muse to appear.
The pockets seem just right for holding special secrets or maps or found objects.
She knows how much I love to cook.
I will certainly enjoy thinking of her as I put on my new kitchen apron.
She even got something for Pearl,( a storybook character that I am secretly writing about). A wonderful diminutive book for collecting phrases and symbols in.
The retro fabrics from the 1930's in the apron and this tea towel are a fond memory to the way things were. Ancient Cloth drew and embroidered the pie on the hand towel.
Thank you!!
This is what I am working on right now. I have blind stitched the edge together and now I am quilting the hexagon.
This is the side of the quilt that I have been working diligently on. I now have one forth of the sides done. I am hoping that in three more weeks the quilt will be finished. The quilt is called Moonflower. So the background is dark because these flowers bloom at night. They are trumpet shape so that you would not see their centers only the edge of their petals. Joe used to grow datura when Catherine was 5 and I started working on the sides of this quilt. The datura attracts a moth to pollenate it. Their scent is heavenly!!!

We have been having some beautiful weather here. Here is a sunset over the canal.


  1. A beautiful post, gifted apron, Moonflower quilt and sunset.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. You took some really great photos. We have not had enough good sun light here for photos...
    What a beautiful quilt. I love that you chose a flower that blooms in the moonlight. You must
    have really great eyes because dark fabrics really are tricky. In fact I am working on something right now that has a black background and whew! talk about a challenge :)
    Glad you like the gifts...<3

  3. Wonderful! Wonderful and so inspiring! I love the apron!

    Thanks for visiting my blog too.