Monday, January 24, 2011

Cowboy Breakfast

The weather has been wonderful here. It was a very sunny and reasonably warm weekend. Saturday we had a friend over and she brought a portable blacksmithing shop. While Joe worked on fixing the blower on the rivet forge. Catherine, Isaac and I cooked an Indian meal on the cowboy stove. The best part was Catherine's peanut butter cookies. After 3 hours of fixing the forge Catherine and Isaac worked on making hooks with Wendy. (Sounds like I am telling the story of Never Neverland where children never grow up...and indeed I am).

I was too tired to grab the camera and take pictures of them blacksmithing or Joe working on the forge, but the next morning I convince Joe to help me cook breakfast on the camp stove. This is such a fun and tasty way to cook.

Joe is checking the fire in the cowboy stove.

Sausage and biscuit dough in the skillet. Garvey in the sauce pan.

Notice the smoke coming out the stove pipe over the oven.


  1. I love your cowboy stove! I love the hooks made in the forge. You all have the right idea! Awesome!

  2. Aren't you all having fun?! Way to go!!!

  3. Love the cowboy stove too! Looks like Joe is
    a good cook : ) Fun!
    The children did a great job on the hooks.

  4. I would say that right now we are leading the pack on having fun. It was one of our memorable days. Thank you all.