Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful Weather Here.

I have finished one side of my hexagon quilt.
I am working on the bottom and top edge.
Joe and Winston fabricated this vice stand this weekend.
Our friend is letting us borrow her blacksmithing equipment.
And so this weekend Joe and Winston made a blacksmithing out door shop.
This is the forge and it had to have some help as well.
All of my children and husband blacksmith. They really enjoy it.
These next four pictures are Catherine's graffiti stencil art works.
They are going to be in a show at Humboldt Art Project.
They will be on view for a one month starting Feb 11
Catherine draws the stencil and her brother Isaac cuts them out.
They are a great team.


  1. I am sure there will be some really cool objects forged. Fun!
    Your whole family is so talented.
    Catherine is so artistic and has her own unique style.
    The quilt is turning out so beautiful. You have worked so hard on this
    one! I admire your precision! <3

  2. Wonderful work on the stencils! Really nice that your children work on them together too!

  3. I thought I left a comment about this before???
    Lovely work Becky...and the kids are awesome in all that they do. Thanks for the heads up today!