Monday, January 9, 2012

Doll Tea Party

My friend Marie from Ancient Cloth sent me this present for the holidays.
The top of the hat says it all "Merry".  It certainly made my day merry!!!

I didn't just want to open it, but decided to wait and make a little celebration of out the occasion.
I invited all my dolls...but I forgot to take a picture of them.  This is the third doll that Marie has made for me.  It is wonderful to hold, it's body is so long and he has such a sweet smile.

I believe he might be a Dream Weaver.
His shirt has been woven out of strips of fabric.

I made some herbal tea and had Catherine read a fairy tale out of The Violet Fairy Book.

I worked in my Vagabond Journal.  The book in the background is the textbook that I am studying.
This is a drawing of the foot in the pictured called Into the World came a Soul Called Ida by Ivan  Albright.

Ida is shown to have all the warts and sags of her personality on the surface.

Here is more information on Ivan Albright.

What was called into question by this picture is whether art needs to be beautiful.  For some art needs to be beautiful to be appreciated.  But we don't expect literature to be pleasant or to have happy endings.  Very good comparison I thought.