Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 I have been working on my Celebration Shrine.
 I have selected the fabrics and ironed the Wonder Pellon to the back.
  The eyebrows are made of a snake skin looking printed fabric.
 That is to represent the idea of shedding old beliefs for new ways of thinking.
The desire to see more clearly (the crystal blue eyes) the Truth or Reality.
 I love this fabric that a friend gave me.  We both love Alice In Wonderland.
  I think it is because life and relationships have often been a mystery.  
Since "mystery" is my word for 2012 I thought I should add a little.
  I didn't really want to use this print in my shrine
because it didn't go with the symbols that I had  already picked. 
But I wanted to use the symbolism, even if it was only something 
that I would know about.  After all the shrine is for me.   
So I cut the pupil of the eye out of the black section of the fabric,
to remind me that sometime life can be a Rabbit Hole and 
beware of tunnel vision.

I am really enjoying Vagabonding
.  Here is what I drew today.  It is a Picasso.
  I could have colored it, but the pen and ink give it kind of a different character.


  1. You probably know this but Olga was a dancer...I said Picasso before I read the text so you did it, scored. I can't tell if it's an evil or good eye but it certainly has a lot to say...bouncing colors. You do look like you are having fun. The rabbit is my favorite character. xox

  2. Thank you for the compliment about my drawing. I am not interested in taking a lot of time to draw. I just want to do quick sketches that take 15 minutes or less. Because of this I am having a good time. It is not work. I am really working on having a good time and I can see I am making progress. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

  3. Picasso was the first artist I really paid attention to. Your work is very reminiscent of his work.
    Love that Alice in Wonderland fabric. Is'nt that where we are? lol!

  4. "vagabonding"...i love, love, love this! almost as much as i love your new shrine cloth! i can hardly wait to see its fruition...