Friday, November 4, 2011

A Quilt Story

Have you always wanted to do a fabric book but were like me and thought what would I do with it after I made it? Where would I keep it? How would it be useful to me later? Basically my practical side gets the better of me and I just admire pictures of fabric books but I don't create one.

Well I was thinking about this hexagon quilt that I plan to do the whole month of November. If I were to take a picture of it every day where I am quilting, the ultimately I would have a Quilt Book. Since some of these fabrics actually have a reference to our everyday life they do tell a story.
The green with the purple swirls was a fabric that my daughter picked out when she was 6. She put it in a quilt that she later entered in a quilt show.
This was what Catherine looked like at 7 years of age, when she made that quilt.
It is quite an amazing amount of time that has lapsed since I started this quilt. It is a historical record or a book. A memory quilt.
Another hexagon that is significant is the purple Japanese character hexagon. It is in the middle and to the right. This one was also a fabric that Catherine picked out. Catherine was really crazy about Japan and she always wanted to get married and move to Japan. What caused her to be excited about Japan was a visit to the art museum. They had an exhibit from an Anima class. While I was looking at the quilts that were on display, Catherine and Isaac, who brought their drawing tablets with them, sat down and drew Anima Characters. Isaac signed up for the class. Catherine took another drawing class that was for her age group. She has been drawing ever since.

I watched this today and thought it would give you something to think about.


  1. Wonderful Quilt Book!!!!Love the family history in it...Adorable 7 yr old face, so wise looking...and this video. OHMIGod. I hope I can get my teacher husband to sit and look, of course he knows all this and is daily frustrated by being made to follow the line where he teaches. A shame, a big awful terrible shame. For him, the good teacher, and the kids who could learn more other ways if he were only allowed.

  2. Thanks for posting this video!!

    and good luck with your current,
    beautiful quilt project.

  3. It is beautiful. I love how these quilts hold a story. I recently completed a quilt top from scraps, and it was wonderful when I showed it to the kids and they all spotted something that held memories for them, a snippet of Ambers nightgown from when she was 7, a scrap of Hazel's old school dress.... Can't wait to see how your hexie quilt looks once it is complete. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)