Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nothing About Nothing

Nothing About Nothing is when you don't have any goals and you are not going anywhere. Perhaps you are depressed or you don't have any money or a something meaningful to do.
It is about negative thinking, hopelessness or fear. It is the "Yes-but" tape that over powers your thinking and diminishes your choices.

You may feel that you are in a maze going around and around in circles.

This is a coded message.
Write down all the letters and an x marks the end of a word.

It could be that you have been doing too much for others and you just feel depleted.
Or you worked really hard for something and after it was all said and done it wasn't where you wanted to end up. So you end up not wanting to begin again but have become stagnant.

This is part of a story quilt that I am doing. This is the North in a compass that is part of a computer game. The game is designed to control people. The object is to find your way out of the clutches of the games control.


  1. You really said it perfectly with "nothing about nothing" piece!
    The second part is fun!
    I love coded secret messages...a mystery : )
    Nice work!

  2. I agree with Marie, you have described that 'nothingness' sense perfectly.
    The cloth work is wonderful. :o)