Friday, July 15, 2011

Proud As A Peacock

For some reason this phrase came to mind and I knew I had to put a Peacock on my cloth EGO. I did this a couple days ago. I named him PC. I am sure that sometime he will be woven into my Pearl story.

This morning I was reading this from Book Drum...

"In Greek mythology, Argus the 'All-Seeing' was a giant with a multitude of eyes,
enabling him to keep some of them open and watchful at all times.
He was tasked with guarding the nymph Io,
whom an adulterous Zeus had transformed into a heifer
in an attempt to cover his tracks.
but he was lulled to sleep and killed by Hermes/Mercury."

I wasn't familiar with this story so I decided to find out more and came across this version.

"Argus was bored with his task, and Hermes, disguised as a Shepard, charmed him to sleep with music from a flute of reeds, made by Pan. Argus was then killed by Hermes, either by beheading or stoning or both, there are different versions. Anyhow, Io was returned to Zeus by Hermes.
Hera, in honor of Argus,
transplanted his eyes onto the feathers of a peacock, her favorite bird.
peacock feather had an evil eye at the end, and that is why it is considered bad luck to have a peacock feather indoors."

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  1. Perfect!
    The idea of ego and a peacock seem fitting.
    I love your by-line in your Title of your blog.