Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I finished this up today.
I got the name from how I mispronounce Fukushima to mean that we have gotten screwed by the machine.
But in referring to the Shark-ka-ma-shen, I am not just talking about a physical machine.
I am talking about all kinds of systems that man has created to control people.
At first I think that these systems seemed safe and reasonable. But overtime they have become larger than life, till the only thing that satisfies the Shark-ka-ma-shen is more and more arms and legs.
You might be able to placate the beast, if you will bow down and worship it.
Don't question the status quo.
Learn to deny the truth and to embrace propaganda.
Then the Shark-ka-ma-shen will pass by you. But you on the other hand will start to look and perform like a machine. You will lose your soul.

This is just a sample block, for a character in the Cosmic Pearl's Adventure Story.
I need to get busy and start writing more of her story.


  1. Wow! Love all this thread work....so colorful. I really should work more at the machine. Thanks for following on my blog. I'm following on yours now too.

    Coleen in Ukraine