Monday, September 27, 2010

Mad Cow Revisited

I started this quilt in 2003. It was inspired by two things
a comet and the Starry Night by Van Gogh.
Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how
you look at it, I had an accident.
A pink ink pen got folded up in the quilt.
When I unfolded the quilt there were
ink spots right in the middle of my quilt.
I had been debating about
writing words on my quilt before the accident.
After that happened I felt like I couldn't really ruin it
as it was already changed. The Wine Glass symbol
fitted in with what I wanted to write on the quilt.
The comet is the NEAT comet.
It was twice the size of Jupiter.
When it went past the sun a
coronal mass ejection (CME),
from the sun flared in the shape of the eye of Ra.
Many made note of this.
I thought it might be a sign in the heavens and wanted to record it in my quilt.

I will talk more about the words and symbols that are on the quilt in future post.


  1. this is a stunning and beautiful piece of work - am enthused all over again :),lovely, lovely stuff.

  2. Your quilting is fabulous and the symbolism really captures me :)
    I love the colors and the words were meant to be. <3