Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Birthday Gift To Me

I made myself a sewing Kit when I made one for Ancient Cloth. I have made a few of these over the years but never one for my self.
This is the back of the sewing kit that will hold scissors, needles, ripper, and seam ruler.
The cicada is one of my favorite symbols. It represents a lot of things personally, but generally it represents Transformation. Death and Rebirth.
This is the inside the sewing kit. I started here. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I had these beautiful colors of fabrics that were in my scrap bin and wanted to use them up.
I started playing around with them till I saw a girl emerge.
I like the thought of her kite being her dreams and that she is holding on to them but she is also letting them soar.
I like the expression on her face. There is wonderment and uncertainty and excitement and expectation. The wind is blowing and her hair is loose and flowing.
I enjoyed giving myself a bouquet of flowers. To me to have a boquet of flowers represents decadence or being rich. It is a small indigence but it is something that adds color, scent and beauty. My grandmother used to paint bouquets of flowers and she always used living flowers.

To me adding color to my world is decadent as well. I love to collect color whether it be bits of fabric or just images on flicker. I love to soak up color.


  1. Love your gift to you...what fun!
    It has a lot of "happy" in it.

  2. The older I get the harder birthdays are to process. Making myself a present was a great way to process it and to embrace it.
    It was very Happy.
    Thank you.

  3. Lovely art. How wonderful to grace yourself with a gift created with your own hands.
    Blessings and many more creative birthdays to come!