Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is my second blog.

I made this butterfly art quilt after a very special friend came to visit us. Friends are like rare butterflies that we are blessed with.

Here is the link to my first blog. I just got tired of typing in two different passwords for two different accounts.


  1. I am crazy for butterflies!! This is beautiful!!

  2. Love the butterfly...beautiful.
    So meaningful...

  3. No wonder I haven't heard from you came over here and I wasn't aware. Now I am signed in as a follower so will be alerted to your posts. Whew!
    this butterfly is stunning! Hope all is well in your kingdom. I also just read about an award you gave me so thank you for that. I also do not go to my "other" blog often so just found your comment there. Hugs from me.

  4. These are wonderful!! I love the fun and creativity of your art. I finally wrote something new on my blog. Come visit if you want!