Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi Everyone,,
It has been a while since I updated my blog.  Not going to go into any great detail about where the year went other than to show you some of the work that I have done on this quilt. 
I added the words "Once Upon a Time" because I wanted to give it a story quality and perhaps even a fairy tale story line around the quilt.
I worked on the knight today.  This was inspired from a tapestry from the 1300's.
There were 9 dots and then 11 dots in different colors on the shield and then repeated on the horse.  I will have to get the picture out and show you in my next post.
I loved finding this more Celtic looking dragon...makes me want to find other dragons in art and reproduce them in my quilt. 
Here is an over view of what I have so far.  I don't necessarily plan to arrange my blocks like this. I like to decide that when I have a little more of them put together.

I wonder if you could give me a list of things or elements that you would like to see me put in this quilt.  I have not read a lot of medieval books, so this will be a new area of study for me.  Maybe you have a favorite book that you think might inspire me.  Would love to add that to my reading list.

Thank you for stopping by.  I will try to update at least once a month (thought I would set a small goal and maybe it would grow larger).




  1. Yes so lovely and soft and colourful xxxx

  2. I love what you've done, the detail is worth every stitch and the color! Oh, yes, it'll be a masterpiece of a quilt. xo

  3. Wonderful!! Miss you. What's new? I just started a new doll blog. Hopefully I will be better about keeping up with it.

  4. i just love what you have going here so far! wonder full colors and designs! the medieval period is one of my favorites. there is a complexity hidden in the simplicity of their art and life. perhaps some castle-like designs might be fun to include? you might also try digging through some old bestiaries for fun critters to add in!

    so happy to see you back online!

  5. I love this, the detail is worth every stitch and the color!
    Eyeones Kids