Thursday, February 2, 2012


 This is my contribution to the Full Moon Art challenge that Woman With Wings, Peggy challenged us to make in January or before the next new moon.   Peggy  is a herbalist, fiber wanderer, moon-watcher, homekeeper.  I love reading about the different phases and the energies associated with the moons influence at her blog.  She also inspires me by showing the process of her work...not just the finished products. 
Be Thankful/A Time To Dance is the inside door panel of my Celebration Shrine.  I thought that being reminded on the full moon of transforming my life through being Thankful would be a good ritual.  I have a pot that I can plant my Thanksgiving strips in it all month long.   Then on the full moon I can light a candle and read them and do a little Moon Dance.  I will  roll them up and put them in a bottle and make a pill for those days when I am not feeling on top of the world.
     One of the reasons that I have not been on a lot is that I have been really working hard to get this hexagon quilt finished.  I am  hoping that by April 1st I will be through.


  1. Becky! How absolutely wonderful your Be Thankful, A Time to Dance is! To me, it's an exquisite magical tool for moonthly ritual. The beautiful full moon you've created, bead by bead, holds much joy and celebration of your gifts. And the pot of gratitude a form of reverence. I love this. Thank you for sharing and for the mention. Happy stitching on your quilt, it will be beautiful, I know. xo

  2. A smashing moon indeed and a yummy sounding Buble to boot!
    Im with you, I enjoy Peggys blog too lol

  3. HI Becky,

    That beaded moon picture has to be enlarged to be appreciated! It is
    just fabulous. (your beading is exquisite : )
    I love Peggy's full moon art challenge and the celebration and
    ceremony of it all...think I'll try to join in.
    Michael Buble....ahhhh...dreamy voice.