Monday, February 27, 2012


 I finished my hexagon quilt Sunday.
  It took 8 years to finish it.
  I had a goal of making a section once a year for 6 years. 
  The section was 7 hexagons across and 52 rows down. 
It was all paper pieced and all hand sewn and quilted.
There are more than 3,000 hexagons in this quilt.

This quilt reminds me of a gum ball machine.

It is not a very heavy quilt, great for summer weather.
I like the honeycomb effect of the quilting on the back.
This was a great project to  pick up and take when you were going to have a wait.



  1. amazingly delightful! gives me hope for some day finishing my postage stamp quilt! i can only imagine the wondrous dreams that quilt will whisper in your ears as you sleep beneath it.


    1. Knowing how much I needed to do each year helped me get this completed. My other hexagon quilt that I finished last year took 15 years (part of that time I lost it in storage, because I forgot what box I put it in. I started this quilt when I though the other was gone.) Here is a post about that quilt.

      I love all the memories that are in this quilt. I told the kids this way my way of "preserving time"...holding onto it.

      Thanks for stopping by Joe.

  2. Congratulations! Its beautiful and how lovely to have memories stored in its fabric. Like the idea of a lightweight cover too. I admire your persevereance!

  3. Oh Becky what an accomplishment! Sooo beautiful and such a treasure!
    You have the patience of a Saint : )

  4. What a magnificent achievement Becky - it looks stunning - I am so, so impressed :)

  5. Congratulations, Becky! It is gorgeous. Honestly, I can't even imagine making something like this. You must have the art of hexagons down so do you have any special techniques or tips now you're willing to share? Love this.

  6. My biggest advise is to have a lot of time on your hands. The best way to do this is to get rid of your car. Then you will look for ways to fill up the time that you are not using to run around. lol.

    I think I am just obsessive. I liked having a hexagon quilt going because I could listen to books on tape and I didn't have to be thinking "creatively". It was a great way to put a bookmark in time.

    Again having a goal of how much I needed to get done each year also helped.

  7. Beautiful! I've been doing some hexagon work/play--your multiyear plan makes so much sense!