Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Truth, Visions, and Karma Change

 I have been working on outlining the fabric pieces with a straight stitch.
My daughter said she really liked the "zombie" hand. Hmmm...wasn't really sure that was what I was thinking of when I put that in there.  At first I resisted this and it kind started festering.  But I looked at Alice and reminded myself that Alice means truth in Greek.  I remember talking to someone about truth and that the reason we couldn't really know truth was our five senses prevented us from getting that close, and if we did we would pull away ...so although we need our five senses we are also hampered by them.  
Truth might be cold and maybe it is Love and not truth that we should desire to know? 
 Henri Rousseau kinda created his own truth and then it materialized.  
He had had no formal training in art, instead he copied paintings at the Louvre,
he studied nature at the botanical gardens in Paris and he observed other artist. 
He was a naive artist.  He had two wives and eight out of nine children die, and yet
 he was a complete romantic, a dreamer of simple tastes and magnificent visions.
This is a collage I  did yesterday called "The Miseries of War".  
The top picture is about the ego and how enlarged it gets in a war.
I was reading about the chessboard and how a "holy war" is fought on the chess board.
That whether you are black or white you fight a holy war against your opponent.
We all have holy wars everyday, when we get our ego enlarged and we are driven by fear.
If you blow this picture up you will see that there are people hanging in the tree ...the victims of war.
Sometimes we set ourself up to be a victim...a martyr...and she is displayed in front of the ones hanging.
To the side is a woman alone in a peaceful garden...it is beautiful but it is also lonely.
Wars alienate us.  We do not seek peace but our will.
No matter how justified I might be in wanting to win, it is not worth going to war, but rather seeking a higher path...the path of understanding and patience and karma change...that is really what sparked this 
collage in the first place.
You can read about this here at Druids in Training.


  1. I love your collage and I always learn so much from you.
    I thought the Druid perspective of Karma was interesting.
    Sometimes I have believed we create our own reality and then sometimes
    I have to say No...not sure...????

    1. I wrestle with this all the time. At times I think that others that think they are entitled are doing a good job twisting my Karma. lol.
      But then other times I think that if I didn't care so much...if I wasn't keeping score, it wouldn't matter and the world would still go around.

      So I am still working this out myself.
      I am so glad that we have been friends for so long. I am always learning from you to...Graciousness, comes to mind when i think of you.

  2. Becky a lot of thought went into this blog. It comes across, your passion. I see a lot of William Blake in the collage. He is always one of my favorites and I think the outlines really work here. Great work, coming along, stitch by stitch.
    Take care - ani

    1. This is the first time that I have seen his work and I am sorry the book that I got it out wasn't devoted to his art. I will be on the look out for his work!!

      I hope to have both outside doors done by tomorrow.

  3. Becky, oh my your collage! Both meaningful and beautiful. Those are some images. I don't have magazines with anything like that. ;-)

    1. I have to admit that I got a load of Art's and Antique magazines at a thrift store one time and that defined how I wanted my collages to look. I would look for art books that that were cheap that I cold cut up...after i read the articles about the art. Sometimes I will cut the information about the art and put it on the back of the card.

      I really don't have all those meaningful things in my head when I start out. Someone suggested to look for three images that speak to you and then to construct their collective meaning. This is what I do.

      I want you to know that I love your smile on your photograph. Always makes me think we are good friends!!