Monday, January 2, 2012


The second door title is Bloom Where You Are Planted.  I have been thinking a lot about this today.  Sometimes I make a lot of work for myself by keeping score. What are you doing compared to how much I am doing for you.    I want to transform my thoughts by being grateful for the opportunity to serve others.  No I am not a saint, and there will be times when I will say "NO";  but how many times can I chose to do something that is service with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.

I  had a friend that was studying to be a social worker.  She told me about a fight a couple of kids got into in a juvenile detention home, where she was a house parent.  When she told the kids that cause the fight to clean up a mess that they made during the fight, they said "NO".   She knew that she had a choice to make right then and so she got down on her hands and knees and wiped up the mess. Her choice was to make the most out of the experience by doing it with the attitude that she wanted them to have.

 She has been my hero and she has caused me to think about what kind of attitude I was modeling for my children.  It is not easy to be proactive, but it is better to begin with the end in mind. I am sure that she was a hero for these children as well. 

So I want to Celebrate the power to choose my own Attitude.
I will do this by filling my mind with GRATITUDE.

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  1. my goodness how quickly your garden grows. the canvas is coming alive before our eyes. how much fun this is to watch