Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hobbit Houses

Here is a tease of what I am working on for Isaac's quilt.
These are some small hobbit houses in a little town below the castle.
Oh you don't see the castle....well you will.
I am still working on my hexagon quilt and will be through December.
I needed something a little fun to work on.

I have also been working on some collage cards. For me working on collage cards or vision cards as I refer to them helps me to vocalize what might be hard to say in words. During the holidays a lot of emotions can surface as we deal with family and our expectation of the year behind and looking forward to the year ahead. Doing the vision cards helps me to get a physical grasp on where I am today, and where I want to go.

What are your end of the year rituals?
I have also chosen my Vision Word for 2012.
Last year it was Playfulness.
This year it is going to be Mystery.


  1. Oh I love those hobbit houses!

    You have chosen a word full of ideas and places to go...i like it!

    : )

  2. Thank you Marie. I think it is a good word for an adventure. Life is a journey but it is also an adventure to those that wish to see windmills as giants. Or see possibility all around us. I don't know that it was a positive thing in Don Quixote's case but sometimes we need a lot of imagination to rise above our circumstances.

  3. Love the houses - they are glorious.
    Your word for the year feels just right - worlds to explore, many journeys to take - I look forward to seeing where you go and what you discover.

  4. Wonderfully colourful cloth :)
    I, too, like your word. Mine is staying as structure - having changed this years word mid-year in July 'structure' still has a way to run for me.