Friday, December 30, 2011

Daily Project for 2012

I can hardly wait to tell you what I have decided to do for my daily project goal for 2012. After reading Cathy Cullis's blog post on "daily project 2012" I have been thinking about a lot of different things.

  I didn't want to make another quilt.  I didn't want to try drawing everyday, because I might not draw everyday.  But I did want to work on a project a month, this was something that worked well for me in Bead Journal Project.

So this year, I am going to do a fabric collage/sculpture/applique/  project for each month that will evoke the theme CELEBRATION.  I cut this shrine pattern and jean fabric base last night.  The shrine is  to be an intention of creating a life that is exciting, joyful and enthusiastic everyday, in a mindful way.  As I work on this shrine I will probably also incorporate different images or words that I want see more of in my life for 2012...and everyday.


  1. Cosmicarcata...I good luck with your work in 2012...I too was motivated by Cathy's post. It was wonderful and really makes one happy celebrations for you...take care.

  2. A wonderful idea - love the theme too - joyful in and of itself - looking forward to seeing all that you create - happy 2012!

  3. Becky, thanks for the link, it's a great post -- as today is Jan. 1, I'm obsessing about it right this very minute and it's almost my bedtime!! I guess I'll dream on it. I like your idea to create a monthly project with the energy of celebration, don't we all need that? Happy New Year!

  4. Wishing you all the best with your 2012 project...I look forward to seeing your 'Celebration' fabric collages throughout the year...