Friday, November 11, 2011

Nine Year Quilt

Tube Ampifier
I was inspired to make a impromptu picture of my tube amplifier that my husband built for me. It is what we listen to music on in the evenings. The tubes are RCA Radiotron UX-250 Globe 50. They have a small orange filament. The single tube is a rectifier tube and it glows blue. This amplifier has a warm sound compared to the tinny sound of a solid state. As you can see this chassis has been used for other tube amplifier models that my DH has made. I don't dust it very often as you can see. lol.

I got inspired after listening to TED today.

I thought surely I could do an impromptu picture that would have nothing to do with quilting but something to do with the world I live in.
Also it reminded me of the steam punk time art piece here...

My scrappy hexagon quilt took nine years to make. I wanted it to be a journal.
I used the English paper pieced method.
For a while I would write down something every day and sew it to the next hexagon.
For a year I would sew seven across and fifty-two rows down.
In 2009 I had 6 strips and I just needed to combine these strips together. I did this by sewing them and putting in an extra hexagon when needed to make the row complete.

When there is a patriotic hexagon it has something to do with the US troops. I stopped putting them in the quilt however because I didn't want the quilt to look too patriotic. But despite this it is interesting that the quilt has a lot of red in it, I think because I didn't feel to precious about using red as it isn't really a favorite color.

How do you feel about red? Do you use red a lot in your art or quilts?

I knew a woman that never put purple in her quilts. I think she felt it over powered the other colors.

Maybe you have some interesting color theory. Or some rules that you like to follow. Let me know I am very curious.


  1. Cool radio!
    I love red and I think a touch here and there is perfect. It adds just a punch of it!
    You are amazing when it comes to quilting! I would not have the patience for all those tiny pieces but I sooo love the look.

  2. That is one awesome radio. I don't think I avoid any particular color but you've given me something to think about...I love your hex quilt, too!

  3. Just want to say - fantastic about your long term quilt project. Keep going! It will be an heirloom for your daughter to pass on to her daughters. It's beautiful.