Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2 or 30 Days of Getting Your Art On

I decided to sort my DMC by colors rather than numbers.
I didn't do it very scientifically, just conviently.
I had some dresses that didn't fit and so I decided that I want to make them into skirts.
They are velvet or velour.
I wanted this to look more like waves but I think I overworked it.
I had fun doing it though.
But it reminds me of how Want is...we often over work our minds in Wanting, and we don't simplify and live in the present. So things often do look jumbled in our minds as we can't sort out the noise.


  1. Your thread organization is fantastic.
    I use little grid boxes and write the number of thread on the white tab that the thread is wrapped around. I put the thread in by colors too.
    Your book idea is a good one. Probably easier than my little boxes.
    Skirts are sooo comfy :)

  2. Great sorting ... love the look of those fabrics.
    Your last sentences signify another synchronicity for me .... there has been a long conversation and follow-on thoughts for me re mindfulness - that of being in the present at all times - not so easy to achieve but a wonderful goal.

  3. I really need to sort my threads too - perhaps I'll get around to it now I've seen how good yours look!
    And yes, couldn't agree more with your last paragraph - sometimes I think my whole mind is jumbled with so many ideas and plans that it's hard to sort them out into anything coherent.
    Linda x