Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Print - Marriage is Like a Tree

The inspiration for this hand carved linocut was from a quote from Pearl S. Buck book Dragon Seed. In the scene the father-in-law is talking to his daughter-in-law as she is getting ready to leave with her husband.
"Do your duty child.
Remember that he is my son and his child is my grandchild,
and that all rest on you. Where the woman is faithful no evil can befell.
The woman is the root and the man the tree.
The tree grows only as high as the root is strong."

As you look at the landscape of our country, you have heard that the strength of the country is the family. How are we doing? What happened? How did we undermine our men? How did we minimized the invisible woman that supported her family by providing what the corporations have filled in ...Namely FOOD, clothing, and credit cards. How is the health of the tree, and the fruit...the off springs. What happens if we have a financial storm? Or a health crisis? Or other a shortage?

Have you even wanted to be the roots of a mango but found out that you were only had the roots to support an apple tree.

There are so many things to relate to when you start to think about how the tree illustrates marriage. I hope you enjoy this meditation as much as I have.

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  1. Very interesting question (re roots of a mango...) I will be thinking about that for days now!!