Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wolly Bug Sample

Today I decided to try making my Wolly Bug for a quilt story that I am doing. The Wolly Bug is a silly bug that bounces around on pogo stick like legs. He has only one eye that is like a search light. He tickles his victim and picks the victims bones clean. He is the worker bee of the Tree of Transformation...serving the his Queen in a underground cave, where he deposits his victims spoils. The queen will transform this mass into a character that can travel on a journey through the imagination...another world.


  1. what a fabulous creature you have created - great stitching :)

  2. Love the eye! Very unique and expressive.
    Also, I like all the colors...

  3. p.s. love your new header <3

  4. Love the eye!! And what an interesting story to go along with your creature!